Looking for the best flooring solution? Consider Epoxy Pro flooring—a top choice for commercial spaces and residential garages alike. 

At Flortek Co., we’re all about excellence. Our epoxy flooring options, highly sought after in Ontario, come in a variety of colors and effects to match your taste. We prioritize quality and customer satisfaction, making sure your flooring needs are met.!

Solid Colour Epoxy

Step into a world of superior craftsmanship and unparalleled expertise at Flortek.co. We pride ourselves on providing a spectrum of top-tier services, ranging from solid color epoxy polishing and commercial epoxy coatings to precise concrete grinding. 

Our specialty? Bringing life to your floors! Explore our diverse collection of commercial solid epoxy floor coatings and outdoor epoxy options for concrete. Imagine a flooring transformation that not only elevates your space but leaves a lasting impression. At Flortek.co, we make it a reality.

We extend our services across various locations, reaching the heart of Ontario and Toronto. Our mission? Delivering nothing short of high-quality concrete floor finishing that defines perfection. 

Flake System

Discover the magic of our highly sought-after flake system—a seamless flooring solution that’s all the rage for transforming garages, kitchens, retail shops, and showrooms. Not only does it provide an eye-catching surface, but it’s also durable and versatile, perfect for high-traffic areas.

At Flortek.co, we take pride in exceeding expectations. Our skilled professionals work their magic to seamlessly apply the flake system, turning your space into a stylish and functional haven. 

But here’s the kicker—this remarkable flake flooring isn’t just limited to indoor use. Take the beauty outside and impress your guests with a flawless finish on patios, porches, or walkways. It’s versatility at its best, adding value and curb appeal to your property.

Quartz System

Discover the magic of quartz system flooring—a sophisticated process where a stunning mix of colored quartz granules is meticulously integrated into the floor coating, creating a seamless blend of beauty and strength. This innovative flooring technique offers a vast array of visually appealing options, each designed to elevate the aesthetic of any space.

What’s even better? It’s not just about the looks. Quartz system flooring is a practical choice, demanding minimal upkeep and promising lasting elegance.

At Flortek.co, we specialize in crafting flawless quartz system floors that cater to your unique style and requirements. Whether you’re in search of concrete polishing services to refine your existing floors or aiming for an epoxy quartz system finish for a transformative effect, we’ve got you covered.

Polyaspartic Coating

Discover Polyaspartic Coating, a game-changer in the world of surface protection and enhancement. This cutting-edge wonder is not just your regular coating; it’s a versatile marvel that rapidly adheres to most concrete surfaces, providing a durable shield against wear and tear.

But what sets Polyaspartic Coating apart? Its outstanding resistance to UV rays and harsh chemicals make it the ideal choice for any outdoor application. Imagine your patio, walkway, or garage floor glistening in the sun, protected from the elements and maintaining its allure.

At Flortek.co, we’re passionate about delivering excellence. Our experts ensure that every inch of your surface is coated to perfection, providing not only durability but also a stunning finish that’s bound to impress.

Experience the future of surface coatings with Polyaspartic Coating.

Warehouse Safety Lines

At Flortek.co, safety isn’t just a priority; it’s a commitment. Our specialized approach involves a thorough collaboration with clients, ensuring the right safety ratings for specific areas. We meticulously consider existing cleaning protocols and align with your unique vision.

But we don’t stop at the ordinary. Our expertise extends beyond typical flooring to the realm of safety. We excel in installing an array of safety features: hatchings, eye wash areas, forklift paths, pedestrian paths, crossings, and exclusion zones. 

Collaborate closely with us at Flortek.co, and let’s create a safe environment that’s a perfect fit for your needs. Elevate your space with our flooring expertise—because your safety is worth it!”

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

A: Epoxies come in many different forms depending on the application. Depending on the application a different more high solids epoxy may need to be used resulting in some fumes. Generally a lot of the epoxies on the market today are very low odor.

A: Absolutely! You can promote your brand through your floors by integrating your logo using solid colour epoxy, flake or quartz system as their colors are highly flexible.

A: The products we use are chosen for their many great qualities, and have the strength & endurance required to be resistant towards the sort of wear & tear you can expect in any busy & productive workshop or large floor space.

Now, these situations can happen if you use your new floor too soon and don’t allow the correct amount of drying time. However, our application technicians at Flortek will instruct you on how long to wait to avoid this from happening.

A: It is entirely dependent on the flooring system you choose, followed by the type of atmospheric conditions at the time of application.

A: Unlike applying paint, epoxy overlays need to penetrate and bond mechanically to concrete in order for them to adhere properly. Grinding to create a mechanical bond, exposes the pores in concrete so that the epoxy coating can penetrate the surface in order to get the best bond. It also creates a rougher surface for the coating to adhere to. If your concrete is not ground properly, it is often the reason why floor coatings fail and peel, or delaminate. Each coating manufacturer requires a different CSP level of the concrete in order to ensure adhesion or in some cases even warrant the product. This is done with experience and different types or grits or diamond bits.

A good example is Velcro, in order for Velcro to be effective it must have a specific surface type in order to stick too, it wont stick to a smooth surface, epoxy is much the same, it must have a certain coarseness surface to adhere or stick to.

A: Yes! Warranty is entirely dependent on the system chosen, application, quality of concrete and traffic. During the quoting period we can specify with each proposed system what the warranty period would be.