We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality flooring services such as Concrete Prep, Traffic Coating, Epoxy Coating and Polished Concrete. Our expertise is to deliver the optimum flooring solution – even for the toughest environments.

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Level Up Your Space with Ontario’s Finest Concrete Grinding Service!

Revamp Your Space with Ontario’s Premier Concrete Grinding Service! Our skilled team and advanced equipment deliver top-notch concrete grinding for industrial and commercial properties across Southwestern Ontario. 

Serving key areas like Brampton, Brant, Burlington, Guelph, Hamilton, London, Mississauga, and more. Prepare your concrete surface for a stunning flooring transformation with a sleek new coating, elegant tile, or resilient epoxy. 

Smooth out imperfections and reveal your floor’s true potential. Say goodbye to construction quirks—let’s give your surface the flawless finish it deserves. 


Make a Lasting First Impression! Elevate Your Parking Area with Expert Coating Systems.

PARKADE PRO offers expert coating systems to elevate your parking area and make a lasting first impression. The parking area is often the first point of contact for guests, customers, or homeowners, setting the tone for the entire space.

Our traffic and pedestrian coating systems, such as Traffic Coating Membrane or Elastomeric Traffic Coating, go beyond aesthetics. They serve as a vital shield for parking garages, protecting against concrete wear and tear, improving visibility, ensuring slip resistance, and waterproofing the area.

Let us help you revamp your parking area and ensure your surface speaks volumes from the very first glance!


Discover Brilliance: Polished Concrete, Your Premier Flooring Solution!

Step into a realm of modern elegance without overspending! Polished Concrete Flooring, the top choice for smart businesses in commercial, industrial, and warehouse settings. It’s the cost-effective, easy-care wonder that’s capturing attention and admiration.

With various exposure and shine options, Polished Concrete stands as the true epitome of flooring finesse.

And here’s the exciting part—We’re delivering top-tier Polished Concrete services across Southwestern Ontario’s prime locations. From vibrant Brampton to picturesque Waterloo, we’ve got you covered.


Dive into Durability: Epoxy Floors, the Fusion of Style and Strength!

From bustling commercial spaces to cozy home garages, Epoxy Floors reign supreme. Sleek, non-slip finishes in wet zones, boasting an array of vibrant colors and effects. It’s not just a floor; it’s a statement—a modern marvel ready to transform any space.

Get ready to coat your world with Flortek Co.! Proudly serving Ontario as the leading provider of top-tier epoxy flooring, we bring the epoxy magic to Southwestern Ontario’s vibrant cities and towns. 

Choose from a variety of options – the solid hues of Solid Colour Epoxy, the textured allure of Flake System, the captivating Quartz System, the swift shield of Polyspartic Coating, or the safety-enhancing Warehouse Lines.

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