Creating a positive initial impact is crucial, and the parking space serves as the primary interaction point for visitors, clients, or residents at almost any location, including high-rise condominiums. Our priority is to assist you in establishing a favorable impression by professionally applying a traffic coating system.

While aesthetics play a significant role in a traffic or pedestrian coating system, also known as a traffic coating membrane or elastomeric traffic coating, their purpose goes beyond appearances. These systems are indispensable in parking facilities, aiming to prevent concrete deterioration, enhance visibility, provide slip resistance and traction, and above all, ensure waterproofing. 

Elastomeric Traffic Coating or Membrane Application

Elastomeric traffic coatings provide concrete surfaces with a protective shield against water, salts, oils, and gases.

For Parking Structures:

In parking facilities, new vehicular traffic coatings play a vital role in seamless waterproofing, preventing deterioration. They offer slip-resistant and traction-controlled flooring for both foot and vehicle traffic. 

For Foot Traffic Areas:

Pedestrian coatings, while similar in composition, have specific thickness requirements and are not intended for heavy vehicular use. They protect against floor deterioration and chemicals, emphasizing waterproofing and slip resistance. Common applications include mechanical rooms, balconies, pool decks, and stadiums.

Traffic Coating Removal or Repair

Traffic coatings can sometimes fail due to inexperienced application, product issues, or significant wear and tear. At Flortek Co., our expert team is highly trained and experienced in restoring, removing, or repairing existing traffic coatings. 

We possess the right tools, equipment, and expertise to safely remove failing coatings without causing damage to the underlying surface.

Serving Southwestern Ontario in key areas like Brampton, Burlington, Hamilton, and more

We specialize in two application types:

  • Vehicular
  • Pedestrian

Concrete Sealer

Concrete sealers offer a cost-effective solution to protect concrete surfaces from water, chemicals, and dust, ensuring longevity and maintaining concrete integrity. 

At Flortek, we specialize in providing expert advice and applying the most suitable and budget-friendly concrete sealer based on your specific requirements.

We excel in applying commercial epoxy floor coatings, offering outdoor epoxy solutions for concrete, and providing epoxy coatings for garage floors, all aimed at enhancing durability and aesthetics.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

A: The average recommended cure time is 72 hours. However there are some products that we use which have a 6 hour cure or return to service time. Note that this is a minimum, site-specific conditions, weather and temperature all have an impact to the cure rate and the adhesion development.

A: Concrete should be cured and in place a minimum of 30 days, moisture level test is the best method to determine weather the surface is ready to be worked on and we will do this for every project.

A: Concrete sealer protects the concrete from allowing water or moisture to penetrate and deteriorate the concrete. The moment water sits or penetrates a concrete surface for a extended period of time the concrete ends up spalling, rebar rusting and popping and that results in very expensive problems!

A: Curing times are dependent on ambient conditions. Under normal conditions sealer can be ready to return to service in as little as 4-6 hours but may take up to 1 week (7 days) to fully cure. Under milder conditions it can take longer. Exact curing times will vary from job to job. Driving on uncured sealer may reduce its lifetime.

A: Unsealed concrete surfaces will still be serviceable but will speed up the deterioration of the concrete surface. Concrete is like a sponge if not sealed properly, it will soak up all the water causing either the concrete to deteriorate and literally start to fall apart or the steel rebar beneath with rust and cause the concrete to pop. Both obviously severely tarnish the structural benefits of concrete.

A: The type and frequency of traffic, along with the weather conditions all play a part in how long the sealer may last. Furthermore, traffic over excess dirt, friction (e.g. from tires), and other excessive wear and tear (e.g.heavy traffic) may reduce the life of the sealer. Regular maintenance can help extend the useful service life of sealer.

A: In many cases, Traffic Coating is mandatory in parking structures. Traffic Coatings withstand many different types of oils, salts and most importantly water or moisture. Creating a full waterproofing, done properly, it will not allow water to penetrate the concrete! Traffic Coating could also be used in mechanical penthouses where you have water tanks or equipment, should anything go wrong all the water would run properly to the drain and not penetrate the concrete to surfaces below.

A: There are several suppliers of Traffic Coatings or membranes, we mainly work with Tremco or Pecora products. We look for quality of products, warranty and level of service when choosing the supplier to work with. Each supplier has different product lines for different applications.

A: Yes, we do! Warranty depends on the system used but can vary anywhere from 2-20 years.