Polish Pro Concrete, utilizing the diamond polishing technique, is gaining significant popularity among architects, engineers, designers, contractors, and homeowners. 

This approach provides a cost-effective, secure, and resilient flooring alternative in comparison to traditional options.

Diamond Polished Concrete Floors

Diamond Polished Concrete Floors is a specialty at Flortek Co., where we excel in creating stunning polished concrete floors. We’re also experts in commercial epoxy coatings and precise concrete grinding, whether it’s for refurbishments or new projects.

Our services cover meticulous concrete preparation, traffic coatings, and garage floor finishes, all tailored to your specific needs. 

At Flortek Co., we place a strong emphasis on sustainability and excellence, guaranteeing that your flooring is not only stylish but also eco-friendly.


Concrete Dust Proofing

Concrete dust proofing, choosing a polished concrete floor is an exceptional solution for slabs that don’t require resistance to chemicals or acids. This option effectively contains dust, reinforces slabs, and simplifies cleaning.

Our expertise lies in utilizing penetrating sealers for polished concrete, ensuring durability without wearing off over time. It’s a preferred flooring choice for its easy maintenance and durability, especially in heavy-traffic areas.

Concrete Dust Proofing

For slabs that do not require a chemical or acid resistance, a polished concrete floor is an excelled way to seal in the dust, harden the slab, and make it easy to clean.

Polished Concrete utilizes penetrating sealers so there is nothing topical to wear off. Over time, this floor remains easy to maintain and is durable enough which makes it the preferred flooring choice on manufacturing companies, industrial facilities and warehouses.

Manufacturing/Industrial Facility

Within manufacturing units and industrial facility, we

specialize in refining garage floor surfaces, applying industrial

epoxy for floors, and coating concrete floors with epoxy.

When seeking a resilient and budget-friendly flooring option,

explore polished concrete floors, particularly suitable for

extensive setups such as manufacturing and industrial



LEED Certified (VOC Free)

LEED Certified, an internationally recognized standard for eco-friendly construction, is a key focus at Flortek. We employ eco-conscious products to support LEED compliance

Our dedicated team prioritizes safety by utilizing controlled air spaces, HEPA filtration, and specialized safety protocols. We ensure safe handling and disposal of toxic materials, following certified toxic waste removal procedures compliant with Canadian regulations.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

A: Although with Polished Concrete floors you can see everything that is on the concrete some of the shading you may see are on the surface and, may disappear after the the first or second grind has been done.Alternativley there are staining options for concrete floors during the polishing process. Flortek uses a color chart with a large variety of colors to achieve your expectations.

A: Polished Concrete adds beauty, value and appeal to any space. It’s also cost-effective as it is easy to clean and maintain.

A: Concrete Grinding is the term given to the grinding process of grinding a concrete floor or wall by using diamond impregnated metal bits to break up the concrete surface.

A: Concrete grinding and polishing are usually carried out by large floor grinding machines that have diamond impregnated metal bits. These diamonds make contact with the concrete at high speeds and gradually grind down the concrete. There are many different types bits for different site conditions or type of concrete. Generally these bits are measured in grits. The higher the grit ratio the finer finish it will leave on the concrete. For a more polished effect a metal or resin bit with a high grit ratio would be used.

A: Yes! We just need to use the proper diamond bits in order to eliminate that stamped effect and create a smooth surface.

A: Stain is absorbed in the concrete and does not affect the surface.

A: As with any flooring, the floor needs to be taken cared of. If the floor is properly maintained, polishing is a permanent process. There’s no wax, epoxy, acrylic, or any other shiny coverings applied that will eventually fail. Once Flortek delivers the final product the result is a bare concrete floor that has been permanently polished. In heavy industrial, commercial or institutional use, an inexpensive re-polish may be needed years down the road (depending on your maintenance). Alternatively there are certain solutions that can be added to your cleaning process to buff or maintain the sheen of the surface.

A: For stains, just mop it as soon as possible. Some oily stains if ignored will soak into the pores. As with any flooring, the longer you leave the mess, the more remedial work may be required to get the floor back into shape. We do protect the floor with sealers. However, how you maintain the flooring is also important.

A: No, it doesn’t. This process is completely eco-friendly and perfect for green construction projects.

A: Yes! Warranty is dependent on a number of factors such as quality of concrete before the polishing process, traffic etc. Warranty is case by case.